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We supply only original parts and we allow full refund on non-used articles. 

From our warehouse located in Gothenburg, Sweden, we supply Mitsubishi spare parts worldwide. These include complete short block engines at major break-downs and a complete range of exchange components as listed below.
All that at very competitive prices and with a sophisticated logistics solution - mainly by express services like DHL, TNT, FedEx, but you may also contract your own forwarder to arrange a pick-up at your location.

Volvo Penta:
Please refer to your closest authorized Volvo Penta Dealer or to the Volvo Penta homepage.
Alternatively, you may also use Marine Parts Europe.


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Image Type Model/Type Description Price Document
Water Pump Mitsubishi S6R-, S6R2-MPTA Volvo Penta D25-, D30-MS 1640,00 €
Water Pump Mitsubishi S6R-, S6R2-MPTK Volvo Penta D25-, D30-MT 1640,00 €
Water Pump Mitsubishi S12A2 Volvo Penta D34 1928,00 €
Water Pump Mitsubishi S12R Volvo Penta D49 2355,00 €
Water Pump Mitsubishi S16R Volvo Penta D65 2355,00 €
Injection Pump Mitsubishi S6R, S6R2 Volvo Penta D25, D30 10721,00 €
Injection Pump Mitsubishi S12A2 Volvo Penta D34 7223,00 €
Injection Pump Mitsubishi S12R Volvo Penta D49 10721,00 €
Injection Pump Mitsubishi S16R Volvo Penta D65 13216,00 €
Turbo Charger Mitsubishi S12A2, S16R Volvo Penta D34, D65 TD 10 1664,00 €
Turbo Charger Mitsubishi S6R, S6R2, S12A2, S12R, S16R Volvo PentaD25, D30, D34, D49, D65 TD13 1627,00 €
Turbo Charger Mitsubishi S6R, S6R2, S12R Volvo Penta D25, D30, D49 TD15 1972,00 €
Cylinder Head Mitsubishi S6N, S12N, S16N 1720,00 €
Cylinder Head Mitsubishi S6A2, S12A2 Volvo Penta D34 1540,00 €
Cylinder Head Mitsubishi S6R, S6R2, S12R, S16R Volvo Penta D25, D30, D49, D65 1522,00 €
Cylinder Head Mitsubishi S12R-Z3 1879,00 €